This site has been archived and will not be updated in the foreseeable future. The Equality Act (H.R.5) was passed in the House on February 25th, 2021. The Senate judiciary committee held hearings on the bill on March 17th, 2021. It has not been voted on in the Senate.

Equality Act, Feminist Revisions, &
Additional Resources

Read the full text of the Equality Act, as passed by the House of Representatives on February 25th, 2021, at the link on the right.

The bill has been introduced in the Senate and will be voted on soon. 

Professor Callie Burt’s (Georgia State University) scholarly paper is the most comprehensive discussion of the history, and implications for women, lesbians, and gays, of the Equality Act that we have found. 

Although it’s 55 pages long, it’s accessible for nonacademics and engrossing. It is also full of useful citations that may be helpful when you are writing your letters and contacting your legislators.

*Note: The editors of Feminist Criminology, the journal that published Burt’s article, are under attack by trans rights activists. You may email the editors in support of the article here: 

Feminists in Struggle (FIST) is a democratically-run women-only feminist organization. They have written a revised version of the Equality Act, called the Feminist Amendments.

They are currently building a Coalition for the Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act (COFA) to advance their Amendments. Currently, the coalition includes the LGB Alliance-USA, the Georgia Green Party, and XX Amazons .

To download and print the XX Amazons flyer about the Equality Act, female sport, and the FIST amendments, click on the thumbnail at right.

The Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) is an international women-only group, organized around a founding document called the Women’s Declaration. The document draws on international treaties and conventions to affirm sex-based rights and protections for women and girls. We refer to specific articles in the Declaration on our Issues page.

The US chapter of the WHRC calls their revision of the Equality Act the “Equality for All Act.”


For printable, foldable booklets of the Equality For All Act and the Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights, click on the icons at left.

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) is doing ground-breaking work that provides excellent resources for both developing pitches to legislators and to use when writing about the cause.

WoLF commissioned two polls this past election season, one conducted in California, and one national, to assess likely voters’ attitudes towards gender identity policy. Both found that majorities disagreed with males identifying as female in women’s changing rooms, prisons, shelters, and competing in women’s sport. See WoLF’s video about their polls below.

WoLF has also produced a Media Style Guide that “provides a more accurate and ethical way to report on issues that impact women and girls.”